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About loan repayments

  • If am unable to pay my loan on my due date, what can I do?

    ExpressCredit offers payment holidays where you can extend your repayment date in an event where you are experiencing unforeseen circumstances that affect your ability to pay on time.

    You can extend your repayment date for an additional 30days at only 20% of loan amount borrowed.


    Please see any of our customer service staff at the counter for details.


    Benefits to You:

    • You will not be recorded as a defaulting customer; your credit history with us still remains clean.
    • We shall not report you to the Credit Reference Bureau as not paying, therefore, your credit history with CRB remain clean giving you a good credit score.
    • You shall not incur any fees from late interest on late payments. Therefore, you only pay what is due, no additional charges.
    • Your credit score with us, will be higher including credit affordability limits, enabling you to borrow more money with us at the lowest attractive interest rates on the market.
  • Can I pay my loan in parts before due date?

    ExpressCredit provides flexibility in repayments by allowing you to pay in parts so that your loan is fully settled in full by the due date.

  • If I pay in parts and don’t complete repayment due by due date, what will happen?

    ExpressCredit will automatically extend your loan repayment to the following month, so that you are not in default. ExpressCredit will transfer the extension fee due from this extension from amounts received from you. If there is a balance, it will be carried forward to pay part of your loan repayment, thereby reducing outstanding balance.

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